Topographic & As-Built Surveys


Topographic Surveys

A Topographic Survey is used to determine elevations and the flow of water throughout a piece of property. We locate the physical features that exist on the subject site, including natural features such as trees and streams as well as man made structures such as buildings or roads.  These features are depicted on the a map and can be used for engineering and drainage studies, landscaping projects or construction planning purposes. Benchmarks are also established on or near the site for future development purposes.

As-Built Surveys

An As-Built Survey is similar to a Topographic Survey, however As-Built Surveys may or may not contain elevation data. These surveys are typically performed during the course of a construction project and at the end in order to compare what has been constructed to what was designed. These surveys may also be performed during the pre-construction phase of a project for design purposes. The level of detail captured can vary depending on requirements and we can tailor the survey to meet the specifications of the individual client.